Peter Piper escapes!

Peter flees!

A passing photographer caught this police officer fleeing from a large mansion of dubious architectural value.  (It’s an early example of colour photography, okay?)

We think it’s Peter Piper running away after sorting out the Granny and Kitty situation in a non-violent fashion.  Though we could be wrong …

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 53

Page 53. Something resembling an agreement …

Ben exhibits fantastic negotiating skills here, don’t you think?  Of course you do!

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The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 52

Page 52. A palpable idea!

We are finally back with more Ben Frost! Just in time to see our hero find a brilliant solution to his Granny vs. Kitty problem.

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Clan Munro comic strip no. 55: On the lam …

55. ON THE LAM …

We kind of think that McTavish is actually going on the lam, not just taking a ‘nice vacation’. But you can decide for yourself …

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Clan Munro comic strip no. 54: Roger vs McTavish



Uh oh. Will McTavish actually have to leave town and live in the real world?  Come back next time to find out …

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Clan Munro comic strip no. 53: The fuzz!


Don’t fret, McTavish.  Though you might want to start running!

Clan Munro comic strip no. 52: A clever disguise …


Yes, that’s very convincing, McTavish. Roger will never find you. Heh heh.

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Clan Munro comic strip no. 51: A little paranoid, perhaps?


Last time we saw McTavish (ages and ages ago), he’d been dumped into the river by Roger and then fished out by strange local fishermen Hans and Svend.  His only crime: teasing a few ducks.  And it looks like he’s still in trouble.

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