Pictorial biography of Kitty Von Kat: part 2

The second and final part of Kitty’s inspiring visual biography. For the first half, take a look right here … Advertisements

Pictorial biography of Kitty Von Kat: part 1

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat” to bring you the first part of Kitty’s pictorial biography.  As you may remember from earlier in our story, she has a rather mercenary attitude towards men … To see our illuminating biography of Ben, check out this page.

Pictorial biography of Ben Frost: part 2

Before Ben hits the streets to start interviewing Kitty Von Kat ‘kidnap’ suspects, we bring you the second and final half of Ben’s pictorial biography.  Check out the first half over here. In our next installment, we’ll bring you the life and times of Miss Von Kat herself.  Do not miss it!

Pictorial biography of Ben Frost: part 1

How did Ben Frost become such an incredible detective? All is now revealed in the opening segment of this two-part biography of our hero. Mostly in pictures!