Ben Frost: Detective?


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Ben thumb Ben

Ben thumb Anastasia

Ex-cop Ben Frost is struggling to establish himself as a private eye on the mean streets of 1930s Vancouver.  He believes in justice, socks without holes, and staying single.  Early in 1933 it appears that his luck is improving.   Ben has a gorgeous new secretary and at least one tea bag. Plus his furniture came from the dump so it can’t be repossessed.

Ben thumb KittyThe Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat opens with the thunderous entry of the wealthy Kitty Von Kat and her perplexing case of an abduction gone wrong (though it must be admitted that toast can be perplexing for Ben).  Kitty is a fiery redhead with a simple but effective matrimonial strategy.  Marry ‘em when they’re rich, then divorce ‘em and grab everything they’ve got when they’re super-rich.

Ben thumb Robbie

Her case sends Ben scurrying to investigate a batch of weird suspects, including famous playwright and impressario of dubious taste Robbie Dale, and the elegant jazz singer Baby Cool and her annoying poodle.

Can Ben solve the case and accumulate enough cash to buy a new pair of socks?  Or at least a toothbrush with bristles this time?  But if not, what the heck.  Bankruptcy might be a step up for him.  More importantly, can he avoid the matrimonial noose?

You’ll find the most recent pages of Ben’s quest for justice and cash (which go hand-in-hand) on The Latest Stuff page.  And if you’re as astute as Ben you’ll already know that you can find the whole thing in right about … here:  The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: part 1.  And The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: part 2.

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