Clan Munro



Clan thumb Robin

Kilt-wearing Robin Munro might be a little too proud of his Scottish ancestry. When he’s not playing the bagpipes or soccer, he runs a small college library.  Other hobbies include squabbling with his cheeky cat McTavish and hanging out with his eccentric siblings and the other strange denizens of Newkirk, B.C. Clan thumb McTavish

McTavish is manipulative, sarcastic, and always on time for dinner.  He might just have one redeeming feature – he belongs to Robin and not you!  Though if you are masochistic and enjoy shedding you can buy him cheap.

Clan thumb Mattie

Robin’s older sister Matilda is an overachieving criminology professor.  She’s just published her first mystery novel – Death Walks Into a Bar, and she still has time to organize the local ducks, Robin and anything that moves.

Clan thumb DuffAt the opposite end of the achievement spectrum we find Robin’s other sibling, Duff.  Poor old Duffers is the middle child.  Life has given him the raspberry, and not without reason.  But every cat has his day and every dog has his squeaky toy and … crap.  Think I just lost my train of thought.

So cheer for our heroes, such as they are, as they tangle with jewel thieves, crazed housewives, insane ghosts, and even The Queen.   Life is never dull in Newkirk.

You’ll find the most recent strips posted on The Latest Stuff page and the complete adventures of our marginally brave and slightly thick protagonists in the Clan Munro 1: Welcome to Newkirk, and Clan Munro 2: The Jewels of Alba.

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