Clan Munro comic strip no. 60: Security leak?


Is Duff up to the job? Well … we have additional leaked information that he is taking the job very seriously!  As you will soon see …

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 56

Page 56. Genius!

Poor Ben thought he had this all figured out.  Fortunately, someone is about to come to his rescue.  Come back next time to find out who …

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Clan Munro comic strip no. 59: Short order chaos 2


Hmm. Looks like maybe McTavish is not cut out to be a short order cook.  But his next job, well … you’ll have to come back and find out …

Clan Munro comic strip no. 58: Short order chaos 1


McTavish is back, with a splash of colour! As you recall, he was relentlessly pursued by Roger the Bad Swan, and decided to go On The Lam. And he actually managed to find a job. Which is going about as well as you’d think …

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The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 55

Page 55. Teeth!

Seems like Granny and Kitty still aren’t seeing eye to eye.  But we just around the corner from being within spitting distance of a solution!

Clan Munro comic strip no. 57: Innovative Duff


Duff is still hard at work setting up museum security for the big Jewels of Alba exhibit. Though … hmm … is it just us, or does his uniform look strangely familiar?

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The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 54

We are back, after a summer and fall spent moving to B.C.!  Ben seems to have made progress … moving the ‘discussion’ from Kitty’s place to his office.  Aside from that … erm …

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Clan Munro comic strip no. 56: Poor kitty?


And we are finally back to Clan Munro! When last seen, McTavish had been run out of town by Roger the Big Mean Swan.  You’d think that his absence would make Robin happy, but that does not appear to be the case.

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