Clan Munro comic strip no. 56: Poor kitty?


And we are finally back to Clan Munro! When last seen, McTavish had been run out of town by Roger the Big Mean Swan.  You’d think that his absence would make Robin happy, but that does not appear to be the case.

To find out why McTavish has gone on the lam, check out Clan Munro comic strips part two.  For everything that’s happened since the beginning of time, also peek at Clan Munro part one.

Peter Piper escapes!

Peter flees!

A passing photographer caught this police officer fleeing from a large mansion of dubious architectural value.  (It’s an early example of colour photography, okay?)

We think it’s Peter Piper running away after sorting out the Granny and Kitty situation in a non-violent fashion.  Though we could be wrong …