Ben Frost: Detective? teaser and concept art


This represents Donna’s first attempt to do a Ben Frost panel in colour. Let’s just say she got better …
It also represents a bit of a teaser for the second half of The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat. Ben appears to get some help in his death-defying investigation.

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 35


Page 35. Who’s the boss here … ?

And this brings us to the end of the first half of The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat. We’ll be back with the second half beginning in early March. Donna will have plenty of time to illustrate, because …

… the University of Regina is giving her a full sabbatical to work on finishing the Ben Frost project.  We love you, University of Regina!

In the meantime, you can catch up with the first half of Ben’s story right here.  And also enjoy our Clan Munro comic, where we’re beginning the new “Jewels of Alba” adventure.  See the Clan Munro strips at:  Part One  and  Part Two.

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 34


Page 34. Nighty, night

We are back after a long Christmas break, which your authors and illustrator spent writing and plotting in various pubs and coffee shops in the Metro Vancouver area.

Anyway … the break doesn’t seem to have done Ben any good. He’s looking greener than ever.

The entire Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat can be viewed right here.

A Ben Frost Christmas!


This is a pencil sketch by Donna that we thought about using on the Ben Frost home page, with Kitty and Granny Katzinski glaring at each other from the sides. Everybody else looks happy, though, so we’re using this image to say …

Happy Christmas and New Year from Donna, Laurel and Robyn!

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 33

Page 33. Miss Cheesie-In-a-Box

Page 33. Miss Cheesie-In-a-Box

If you don’t have the faintest idea what these people are talking about, click or tap right here to look back at Ben’s interview with Kitty Von Kat.  Where else can you see a young Kitty in her stylish cheese costume?

And click here to see the entire story.

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 32

Page 32. Lord take me now ...

Page 32. Lord take me now …

If you check out Ben’s pictorial biography you’ll know he’s had a rough life. But he’s learned at least one valuable lesson. No matter how weird things are … they can always get weirder.

And you can check out the whole weird story right here.

The Quasi-Kidnapping of Kitty Von Kat: page 31

31.  I'm not wearing a dress!

31. I’m not wearing a dress!

Ben interrupts Baby Cool’s late afternoon rehearsal …

The entire story to date is available here.