Clan Munro comic strip no. 60: Security leak?

Is Duff up to the job? Well … we have additional leaked information that he is taking the job very seriously!  As you will soon see …

Clan Munro comic strip no. 59: Short order chaos 2

Hmm. Looks like maybe McTavish is not cut out to be a short order cook.  But his next job, well … you’ll have to come back and find out …

Clan Munro comic strip no. 58: Short order chaos 1

McTavish is back, with a splash of colour! As you recall, he was relentlessly pursued by Roger the Bad Swan, and decided to go On The Lam. And he actually managed to find a job. Which is going about as well as you’d think … Catch up with all Clan Munro strips: Part the First and Part the Second.

Clan Munro comic strip no. 57: Innovative Duff

Duff is still hard at work setting up museum security for the big Jewels of Alba exhibit. Though … hmm … is it just us, or does his uniform look strangely familiar? Catch up with all the Jewels of Alba strips on THIS sensational page.

Clan Munro comic strip no. 56: Poor kitty?

And we are finally back to Clan Munro! When last seen, McTavish had been run out of town by Roger the Big Mean Swan.  You’d think that his absence would make Robin happy, but that does not appear to be the case. To find out why McTavish has gone on the lam, check out Clan Munro comic strips part two.  For everything that’s happened…

Clan Munro comic strip no. 55: On the lam …

We kind of think that McTavish is actually going on the lam, not just taking a ‘nice vacation’. But you can decide for yourself … See all previous adventures of McTavish and his numerous antagonists in Clan Munro Part 1 … and … Clan Munro Part 2.

Clan Munro comic strip no. 54: Roger vs McTavish

Uh oh. Will McTavish actually have to leave town and live in the real world?  Come back next time to find out … Catch up on all McTavish’s misadventures by clicking on Part One  and Part Two.

Clan Munro comic strip no. 53: The fuzz!

Don’t fret, McTavish.  Though you might want to start running!